About SargamBook ~ A Project By Titiksha Telang

Welcome to Sargambook.com. A Music Website by Titiksha Telang. Titiksha Telang is an Indian Musician. She has done MA in Indian Classical Music. She has started her Music Career in year 2000. She has performed Solo Singing in many Music competitions and also performed Stage Shows. Now she has her own website where she shares her Music knowledge to the world.

What is Sargambook.com: A platform where you can easily find any Songs Sargam Notes. Sargambook website is designed and specially created for those you heartily want to learn Classical Music online. We are providing Classical Music Education online in very simple theory and practicals by using Video Tutorials technology to ensure our users that they can learn Harmonium easily on their home simply using our website “Sargambook.com”.

The basic concept of Sargambook.com is to provide best quality Classical Notes for our users. Sargambook is the project of our Main project “Piano Daddy”.

What is our Motive: Sargambook Website is founded in year 2015. Developed And Maintained by Titiksha Telang (Founder). Learning Classical Music in this busy life is not possible for everyone but so many of you wanted to learn heartily but not able to find time for Music Class, Pay High Fee and after few months you left your passion for playing Harmonium. No, we don’t want you to disappoint yourself. Once you visit “Sargambook.com” you don’t need to go anywhere. We provide all things which are important to Learn Harmonium Online.

Fee for Service: Basic Sargam Notes and Demo Video Tutorials are freely available on Sargambook.com. You only need to pay when you order Full Notes/ Video Tutorial for any song.

Payment Process: We use “Net Banking”, “Western Union” and by “PayPal”.

Advertisement: We have strong user base. If you would like to run ads on any of our platform, do contact us on support@pianodaddy.com.