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Our Products And Costing

Welcome to Piano Daddy’s product section. Here we are going to describe our all products which are available for sale on Piano Daddy’s Biggest Music E shop. As you all know we have the biggest Western Notes collection on Internet so far, we also have some special product related with music education and professional music education.

Products Costing Payment Methods Piano DaddyWe design our products as per beginners and professionals both. All theoretical part is design for all level user comfort. In our way of teaching, you don’t need to go anywhere. Just take your instrument, open our website in front of you and start your music learning.

We have divided every section in some parts where you can choose which one is best for you. Let’s overview our products and costing :

1. Western Notes :

Demo :,

A. Lead Song (Lead) = 250 INR Per Song.
B. Lead, Interlude, Prelude = 380 INR Per Song.
C. Prelude, Lead, Interlude, Chords = 500 INR Per Song.
D. Lead, Chords = 360 INR Per Song.

2. Classical Sargam Notes

Demo :

A. Lead Song (Lead) = 250 INR Per Song.
B. Lead, Interlude, Prelude = 380 INR Per Song.
C. Prelude, Lead, Interlude, Chords = 500 INR Per Song.
D. Lead, Chords = 360 INR Per Song.

3. Staff Sheets

Demo :

A. Staff Sheet Music (Lead) = 300 INR Per Song.
B. Staff Sheet Music (Lead + Chords) = 500 INR Per Song.

4. Guitar / Piano Chords

A. Chords Sheet = 200 INR Per Song.
B. Chords Sheet With Diagram = 300 INR Per Song

5. Video Lessons :

Piano Demo :
Harmonium Demo :

A. Video (Lead, Chords) + Staff = 400 INR Per Song. {Piano}
B. Video (Lead, Chords) + Lyrics = 700 INR Per Song. {Piano}
C. Video (Lead, Chords) + Lyrics = 500 INR Per Song. {Harmonium}

6. Midi’s

A. Lead + Chords = 350 INR Per Song.

7. The Live Sessions

The Live Sessions is our new product in which we provide LIVE Classes to our students who wants to learn Western Mode Piano Playing or Classical
Harmonium Playing Or Vocals. We provide LIVE Classes via Skype Or Hangout.

A. Western Mode Piano Playing = 1 hour, 500 INR
B. Classical Harmonium Playing = 1 hour, 500 INR
C. Vocal Assistant : 30 Min, 500 INR (Full Course Details Coming Soon)

Our Payment Process Secure You. Purchase Piano Daddy Products in Simple Steps :

Process 1

1. Send us Piano Notes Name, which you want to purchase.
Send Mail To : Or Whatsapp us on +91-88710-51523

A. Pay through PAYTM.
We Accept Payments Through PayTM. After reviewing your order, we’ll let you know Bar Code details to scan OR you can directly put our PayTM number for transactions.
B. Pay through Google Pay
We Accept Payments Through Google Pay. Simply put our number in Google Pay OR if you want we will share QR Code to scan and you can easily pay.
C. Pay through SBI Quick Scan
If you are SBI (State Bank Of India) customer and have SBI YONO app installed on your mobile phone you can pay us directly via SBI Quick Scan.
D. We’ll Mail You Our Bank Account Details.
Bank Account Details Send To You By Mail With Proper Invoice.
E. Debit / Credit Cards
Payment can also done by using Debit / Credit cards.

2. Transfer Particular Amount.
Transfer Amount To Bank Account. We Suggest You To Make Payments By Net-Banking (NEFT / IMPS) if you use this mode of payment.

3. We’ll Send You Your Order.
When We Verified Your Payment, We’ll Send You Your Order By Email. Notes sheets will be in PDF format.

Process 2

Applicable for other countries (USA, CANADA, UK) PayPal Money Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer, Payoneer (Orders Over 5000 INR / $100 Only Accepted On WU).

It’s All Done..

Note : If you have any doubts mail me : Or Whatsapp us on +91-88710-51523 and see Disclaimer & Privacy Policy & FAQ.


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