Daddy Come Home (The Yeshiva Boys Choir) Sargam Notes

English Song Daddy Come Home From Album YBC 5 “Chanukah” (2010) Sargam And Harmonium Notes Now Available On Sargam Book With Video Harmonium Tutorial. Song Daddy Come Home Sung By The Yeshiva Boys Choir.

Song : Daddy Come Home
Album : YBC 5 “Chanukah” (2010)
Singer : The Yeshiva Boys Choir
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes:

Daddy’s been gone
Re Ga(k) Re Re Sa
Gone for so long
Sa Re Sa Sa ni(k)
For him I pray
ni(k) Sa ni(k) ni(k) pa
He joined the Corps
Re Ga(k) Re Re Sa
Fighting a war
Sa Re Ma Pa Ma Re
Somewhere far away
Re Re Re Ma Ga(k)
Ma Ga(k) Re

He promised me he’d return
Re Re Re Ga(k)
Re Re Sa
When the Chanukah candles burn
Sa Sa Sa Re Sa Sa ni(k)
So here I wait
ni(k) Sa Re Ga(k)
Ma Ga(k) Re
The blessings I recite
Sa Re Re Ga(k)
Re Re Sa
By the candle-light
Sa Sa Re Ma
Pa Ma Re
But it’s getting late
Re Re Pa Ni(k) Dha
Daddy come home
Ni(k) SA RE SA Ni(k)
Stay with me
Ni(k) SA RE GA(k) SA RE
Let me hold your hand
Let me sit upon your knee
Dha Ni(k) SA SA Ni(k)
Dha Ni(k) Ni(k)
I see fear
SA RE Ni(k)
In Mommy’s eyes
Ni(k) SA GA(k) RE
Every time she cries
RE SA SA Ni(k)
And tries to comfort me
Ni(k) SA Ni(k) Dha
Ni(k) Dha Pa

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