Dance Ke Legend (Hero) Sargam Notes

Song Dance Ke Legend From Movie Hero (2015) Sargam And Harmonium Notes Now Available On Sargam Book With Video Harmonium Tutorial. Song Dance Ke Legend Sung By Meet Bros, Bhoomi Trivedi.

Song : Dance Ke Legend
Movie : Hero (2015)
Singer : Meet Bros, Bhoomi Trivedi
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes:

Ho.. Badshah hain dil ke
RE(k)..RE(k) RE(k) Ni Dha
Ni RE(k) Ni
Aish farmaate hain
Ni Ni Dha Dha(k) Dha Ni Dha
Gaadi ke bonnet pe
RE(k) RE(k) Ni Dha
Ni RE(k) Ni
Peete hain khate hain
Ni Ni Dha Dha(k) Dha Ni Dha

Fitrat apni atpati
Dha Dha Ma(t) Ga Dha Ma(t)
Ga Ma(t)
Upar se jeans bhi phati
Dha Ma(t) Ga Dha Dha Ma(t)
Ga Ma(t)
Aur khol ke rakhte
Dha(k) Dha(k) Dha(k) Ma(t)
Dha(k) Dha(k)
Apni shirt ke button
Dha Ni RE(k) Ni RE(k)
Ni RE(k)

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