Ishwar Allah (PM Narendra Modi) Sargam Notes

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Song : Ishwar Allah
Movie : PM Narendra Modi (2019)
Singer : Suvarna Tiwari
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes :
Guitar / Piano Chords :
Staff Sheet :

Ishwar allah
Ishwar allah

Bewajah hai fizaa mein
Re Re Re Ga(k) Sa Re Sa
ni(k) dha ni(k)
Rask yahan hai
Re Ma Ga(k) Ma Ma
Roota hai chupke kyun
Re Re RE Ga, Sa Re Sa
ni(k) dha ni(k)
Sach bejubaan hai
Re Re Ga(k) Re Ma
Pa Ga(k) Re

Teri nazar mein
Pa Pa Ni(k) Pa
Ni(k) Pa Ga(k) Re
Ek sabhi phir
Ma Pa Ma Ma ma
Re Ma Pa Dha Ni(k)
Ishwar allah tere jahaan mein
ni(k) Ga(k) Re Ma Ma
Ma Ma Pa Ga(k) Re
Nafrat kyun hai?
Ga(k) Ga(k) Ga(k) Ga(k)
Ga(k) Re Ga(k) Ma
Jung hai kyun?
Re Sa, Ga(k) Ga(k) Re

Tera dil toh itna bada hai
Insaan ka dil tang hai kyun?

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