Macho (Mersal) Sargam Notes

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Song : Macho
Movie : Mersal (2017)
Singer : Vijay, Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal and Nithya Menon
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes :
Guitar / Piano Chords :
Staff Sheet :

Pa Ga
Ma(t) Ga Ma(t)
Aval Touch-Chittaa
Re Re Ga Ga Ga
Uyir Into Two Aacho
Re Re Ga Ga Ga Ga Pa Sa

Pa Ga
Match Aacho
Ma(t) Ga Ma(t)
Aval Speak Ittaal
Re Re Ga Ga Ga
Kuyil Keecho
Re Ga Ga Dha Ga Re

Dream Il
Re ni
Re Re ni
Love Shower Aacho
Re ni Re Ga Dha dha
Bp Ponaen
Re ni Re ni
Sogam Loose Aacho
Ga Ga Re Ga Ga

Galaa Galaa Galaa
Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Pa Dha
Nee Classy Oo..
Ni Ni Ni Pa Dha Ni
Galaa Galaa Galaa
Ni Ni Ni Ni Pa Dha
Naa Maassy Ooo..
Ni Ni Pa Dha RE

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