Raanjhana Sargam Notes Arijit Singh

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Raanjhana Sargam Notes Arijit Singh Available On Sargam Book. Raanjhana Easy Harmonium Notes For Beginners. Raanjhana Easy Harmonium Notes On Sargam Book.

Song : Raanjhana
Singer : Arijit Singh
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Raanjhana Raanjhanaa Raanjhanaa

Kaise Ye Beete Din
SA SA SA, SA RE(k) GA(k)
RE(k) SA Ni(k)
Rab Jaane Dil Jaane
Ni(k) Ni(k) Dha(k)
Ma Ma Ga(k) Ga(k)
Tera Tarana Teri Dhun
SA SA SA, SA RE(k) GA(k)
Ni(k) Dha(k) Ma

Milke Gale Teri Yaado Ke Saaye Se
SA SA SA, SA RE(k) GA(k), GA(k) SA
Dha(k) Dha(k) Dha(k), Dha(k) Ma Ma Ga(k)
Dil Ka Lagaana Tha Shagun
SA SA SA, SA RE(k) GA(k)
Ni(k) Dha(k) Ma
Tere Sadke Meri Saari Zindagi
Ga(k) Ma Dha(k) Ni(k), Dha(k) Ni(k)
GA(k) RE(k) RE(k) SA, Ni(k) Dha(k) Ni(k)

Raanjhana Oh Raanjhanaa
SA Ni(k) SA, SA GA(k) SA Ni(k) SA
Ve Raanjhanaa Mere Yaar Ve
SA RE(k) Ni(k) Ni(k) SA
DHA(k) DHA(k) PA MA, GA(k) RE(k) SA
Raanjhana Oh Raanjhanaa
Ni(k) Dha(k) Ni(k)
Ni(k) SA Ni(k) Dha(k) Ni(k)
Ve Raanjhanaa Mere Yaar
Ni(k) SA, Ni(k) Dha(k) Dha(k) Ni(k)
SA Ni(k) Ni(k) Dha(k) Dha(k)

Raanjhanaa Oh Raanjhanaa
Ve Raanjhanaa Mere Yaar Ve
Raanjhana Ve Raanjhanaa Ve

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Titiksha Telang is an Indian Musician & Singer. She is MA in Indian Classical Music & Owner of Sargam Book Website.

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