Thaat in Indian Classical Music

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As every Lock has it’s Key to open. Thaat is the Key of Raag. A Thaat is a specific set of Notes or Swara. There are 10 Main Thaat available According to Indian Classical Music which was created and founded by Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande Ji (1860-1936). We can say all Raaga’s in Hindustani Music is based on these 10 Thaat’s. In below image you can see the Major Thaat’s system introduced by Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande Ji.

Understand Thaat In Indian Classical Music

There are ten generally accepted thaat’s in Indian Classical Music. Basic Theory For Key Names On Harmonium Click Here.

  1. Bilawal: Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, SA
  2. Kalyan: Sa, Re, Ga, Ma(t), Pa, Dha, Ni, SA
  3. Khamaj: Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni(k), SA
  4. Asavari: Sa, Re, Ga(k), Ma, Pa, Dha(k), Ni(k), SA
  5. Kafi: Sa, Re, Ga(k), Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni(k), SA
  6. Bhairavi: Sa, Re(k), Ga(k), Ma, Pa, Dha(k), Ni(k), SA
  7. Bhairav: Sa, Re(k), Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha(k), Ni, SA
  8. Marwa: Sa, Re(k), Ga, Ma(t), Pa, Dha, Ni, SA
  9. Poorvi: Sa, Re(k), Ga, Ma(t), Pa, Dha(k), Ni, SA
  10. Todi: Sa, Re(k), Ga(k), Ma(t), Pa, Dha(k), Ni, SA

Example : Raag invented as per Thaat’s are as follows.

  • Raaga’s in Bilawal Thaat : Deskar, Haunsdhwani, Variations of Bilawal.
  • Raaga’s in Kalyan Thaat : Yaman, Bhupali, Hindol, Kedar, Kamod, etc.
  • Raaga’s in Khamaj Thaat : Rageshree, Jhinjhoti, Des, Tilak Kamod, Jaijaiwanti, Khambavati etc.
  • Raaga’s in Asavari Thaat : Asavari, Desi, Darbari, Adana, Jaunpuri etc.
  • Raaga’s in Kafi Thaat : Dhanashree, Dhani, Bhimpalasi, Pilu, Megh Malhar, Bageshree etc.
  • Raaga’s in Bhairavi Thaat : Malkauns, Bilaskhani Todi, Bhupali Todi, Kaunsi Kanada etc.
  • Raaga’s in Bhairav Thaat : Ramkali, Gunkari, Meghranjani, Jogiya, Bhairav and its variations etc.
  • Raaga’s in Marwa Thaat : Marwa, Puriya, Bhatiyaar, Bibhas, Sohoni etc.
  • Raaga’s in Poorvi Thaat : Puriya Dhanashree, Gauri, Shree, Paraj, Basant etc.
  • Raaga’s in Todi Thaat : Miyan Ki Todi, Gujari Todi, Madhuvanti, Multani etc.

There are some rules must follow for Thaat’s.

1. Thaat has only an Aaroh not Avroh.
2. Thaat must have 7 Notes / Swara’s out of 12 Notes.
3. Thaat are not sung as per rules of Indian Classical Music but Raaga’s which are introduce from Thaat can be sung.

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Titiksha Telang is an Indian Musician & Singer. She is MA in Indian Classical Music & Owner of Sargam Book Website.

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